brand strategy

Attract Ideal Clients and Grow Your Firm

Does your firm's website serve as nothing more than an “online brochure”? Are you tired of spending money on expensive advertising with no return on investment? Is your firm’s business development activity not as successful as it should be? Don’t settle for mediocre marketing.

During more than a decade spent helping hundreds of law, consulting, accounting and other professional services firms overcome these challenges, we’ve learned that the solution lies in understanding what motivates clients to buy and what turns them off. If your marketing is not connecting, there’s a way to fix it, which is by crafting a clear and cohesive brand message that’s focused on your clients’ needs and not your own.

Clients want to hire professionals who understand them. They’re not buying professional services. They’re buying outcomes. They don’t want a "super" professional. They want a super result. They’re not impressed by jargon and complexity. They’re seeking clarity.

If you want to cut through the noise and generate more business, tell a better brand story that makes your clients feel understood and validated, so they trust you to solve their problems.

The Power of Story

For thousands of years, storytelling has been the best way to communicate a message that stands out and leaves a lasting impact. There's a story that matters to every client. It's what either attracts or repels them from your firm's brand and website. But here’s the thing: The story has nothing to do with the firm itself. It's the client's own story that matters most.

This means that your firm's website and marketing messages must reflect your ideal client’s story. It’s not about crafting a message that is clever, cute, or flashy. It’s about clarity, which is demonstrated through a deep understanding of:

  • Who your ideal client is;

  • The unique pain points they feel and opportunities they face;

  • What it’s like to walk in their shoes; and

  • What success means to them.

This approach, which we call achieving Client-Focused Clarity, underpins the strategic Brand Building Blueprint that we use to help professional services firms build stronger brands, better websites, and bigger books of business.


a Blueprint for Professional Services Firm growth

Designing a logo, creating a brochure, placing advertising, and launching a website is not a brand or marketing strategy. Brochures, ads, websites—these are tools, and just like any tool, they’re of little utility if not used for the right job in the right way. You wouldn’t build a house by grabbing a bunch of random tools and starting to hammer and saw away with no clear plan in place. Just as you would create a blueprint before building a house, you need a brand and marketing blueprint to build an effective professional services firm brand and website.

Generate More Business with a Brand Building Blueprint: 

  1. Define your ideal client and understand what matters most to them. Your marketing, messaging, and design must be crafted to address these priorities.

  2. Create and execute a content and digital marketing strategy, utilizing video and written thought leadership, that drives ideal clients to your website.

  3. Convert website visitors into leads and leads into clients by leveraging technology to ensure a steady stream of valuable content reaches your prospects.

  4. Automate your marketing so it works for you while you’re busy working for your clients.

Harrington-Website-brand-building-blueprint copy.jpg

Times have changed. Old school, interruptive marketing tactics no longer work. Clients are in control of the buying process because they have access to more information than ever. When searching for a lawyer, or other professional, they start with Google. They take their time, gathering what insights and information are available by following digital breadcrumb trails to their source.

They're attracted to stories that demonstrate an understanding of what it's like to walk in their shoes, and repelled by those that don't. If they like what they see and hear, they're often willing to continue the conversation. To be effective, and to nurture clients along the buyer’s journey, law firm marketing needs to meet clients where they are—which is online, in control, and searching for a story that resonates.

We help clients tell better brand stories through strategic thinking, compelling copywriting, and creative design execution. Let’s work together to present the best of what your firm represents to the audiences that will drive the growth of your firm—now and in the future.