Attorney Coaching

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, trying to develop business but with no real luck? Does your approach to business development feel aimless and listless, lacking a clear direction and target market? If so, you’re not alone—many lawyers grapple with these issues. Often all that is needed is a nudge in the right direction, in the form of helpful insights and consistent accountability from an experienced attorney coach.

Attorney coaching is about unlocking potential and increasing performance. It involves raising awareness and creating accountability. Jay Harrington is an executive coach who blends strategic consulting and problem-solving counseling to help lawyers set and reach their business objectives. Jay engages in an active exchange of ideas and recommendations to help lawyers define and execute their goals. Some of the areas that Jay addresses through his coaching include building a niche practice specialty, generating business through LinkedIn, and making career transitions from one law firm to another.

Jay works together with lawyers to identify and assess their goals, and then devise strategic action plans to achieve them. He asks open-ended and provocative questions to help his clients explore options they may not have ordinarily considered. These brainstorming sessions generate practical ideas, alternatives and realistic, attainable solutions. As goals are defined, action plans are put in place. Jay's most important job as a coach is to hold his clients accountable to the goals they set. Much like an athletic trainer, he offers them the appropriate motivation and necessary follow-up to help keep them on track during interim periods between coaching sessions.

Lawyers have the solutions to the challenges they face within them. Jay simply helps them to unlock their potential and set a course for success.

Our Coaching Process

  1. Setting goals using the SMART Goal methodology. SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely.

  2. Assessing current situation and developing understanding of internal and external obstacles currently preventing or limiting progression.

  3. Assessing options by identifying the possibilities and alternatives for moving forward, while outlining and questioning a variety of strategies for progression.

  4. Determining plan of action for achieving goals and putting accountability measures in place.

Attorney coaching is scheduled at mutually convenient dates and times, and is conducted via video conference or phone. Clients are sent helpful articles and other resources, as well as summaries of past sessions and objectives for new ones, between sessions in order to maintain forward momentum.

As explained below, coaching takes place over either a six or 12 month period, depending on the client's objectives. For those who would like to ease into coaching, we offer a "Coaching Jumpstart" program that allows coaching clients to engage in a 90 minute coaching session with Jay Harrington before committing to a six or 12 month package.

coaching packages

Coaching takes place over either six or twelve month periods, depending on the client's objectives. Sessions are scheduled approximately every three weeks, with interaction and accountability between sessions to keep things on track. An appropriate frequency of coaching, determined in conjunction with the client, will be recommended during the initial consultation. Pricing will be proposed accordingly. 

Coaching jumpstart

Participate in a 90 minute coaching session with Jay Harrington. Define your objectives, gain helpful insights, and assess whether Jay's Coaching program is the right fit for you.

Price: $300


Have more questions about our coaching program?

Contact Jay Harrington at 313.432.0287 or jay@hcommunications.

Training & Speaking

The legal industry is more competitive than ever. Therefore it’s more important than ever for attorneys to learn and develop the skills necessary to develop new business.

The obstacle that many firms face is that there is little time for education and training given the pace and stress of the practice. And while in-house business development training is essential at every law firm, the most effective training regimens supplement in-house resources with outside perspectives at retreats, workshops, and other education-oriented settings. 

Jay Harrington specializes in attorney business development training for law firms big and small. His presentations and workshops are interactive, crisp, and insightful. They emphasize the importance of smart strategy, action, and accountability, and cover topics related to legal marketing and business development, including:

  1. Personal Branding for Lawyers

  2. Building a Niche Practice

  3. Generating New Business Through LinkedIn

  4. Building a Powerful Network

  5. Achieving Success Through Content Marketing

Jay tailors his talks and training sessions to meet client objectives and adjusts his approach based on the experience level—from junior associate to senior partner—of his audience. His goal is to leave attorneys educated, energized, and inspired to tackle new challenges. Use the link below to discuss your speaking/training needs with Jay.